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Exterior renovation. Robert Michael (R.M.) Kliment. Frances Halsband. Hudson Valley.
Hudson River Residence,Fort Montgomery NY
(original architects R. M. Kliment & Frances Halsband)

Exterior renovation—undertaken with their blessing—of the first building designed by the renowned architects R.M.Kliment and Frances Halsband. The original house was completed in 1975. Their client Tom, who still owned and loved his house, insisted that the exterior cladding be changed rather than replaced because he was being driven mad by the drumming of woodpeckers, who for decades had used the house as a territorial resonator. The vertical cedar siding was replaced with cedar shingles, which the woodpeckers do not attack. The windows were renewed in the original colors, and the window wall repaired. The lead-coated copper work was replaced with new to match. The special 'gargoyle' fountain at the lower corner of the front roof was slightly redesigned so that it will spit, as originally intended, rather than drool.