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Temple Shed. Kamp Kippy. Acadia Summer Arts Program. Marion Boulton Stroud. Robert Venturi. Denise Scott Brown. Steven Izenour. VSBA. Venturi Scott Brown and Associates. Seal Harbor ME. Bar Harbor ME. Mount Desert Island. Eclectic House.
Northeast Harbor ME
Venturi Scott Brown & Associates, architects
2006 photograph by Mark Wright

Temple Shed is based on Venturi's "Eclectic House" project of 1977. Ms. Stroud gave me permission to photograph it as long as I gave duplicate slides to the architect, and promised not to publish them myself, as she/they had a book in the works and didn't want to be scooped. She quickly had one of her staff park a truck in front of it and skedaddle. I kept my promise to her. My photo (unattributed) is now one of the iconic images of the building.